Institut Joan Lluís Vives

In the 28th of october 1994 there was a meeting of 13 different university chancellors of the Meditteranean area in Morella, which aim was to signate an act of universities association having a self juridical identity: the university institut of Joan LluÏs Vives. It was the beginning of a collaboration with academic institutions that had the same historical, cultural and linguistic bonds because of its common geographical area. Nowadays the Joan LluÏs Vives institut consists of 19 universities.. This association represents a collection of more than 430.000 people in which there are 400.000 students, 26.000 professors and 10.000 members of the administration.

The universities that belong to this association give more than 1400 titles that permit getting 300 certificates, 360 degrees, and 740 doctorates. So the universities offer 60 studies and 930 masters and courses after degree. All the knowledge is there: Fine Arts, Literatures, Social Sciences, Education Sciences, Experimental and Environmental Sciences, Health Sciences, Architecture, Engineering, and Physical Education.
The Joan LiuÏs Vives institut is the association of universities of Catalonia, Valencia, Balear Islands, Catalonia Nord, and Andorra that coordinate and develop the theaching, the research, and the cultural activities of the language.
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