Passport and Visa

To enter Spain it is necessary to show a valid passport or another document adhering to international conventions and reciprocity criteria that verifies the identity of the traveler. For citizens of Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Switzerland and of those countries belonging to the European Union, the presentation of a national identification document is sufficient.

For nationals of certain countries, and depending on the duration of the visit, a visa is required.

Student visas
Who is considered a student?

Foreigners coming to Spain with the only purpose of studying or undertaking research, training or a non-lucrative job in any Spanish educational or scientific, public or private, officially recognized centre.

Visa necessity

Foreign students who want to carry out studies in Spain, must apply for the corresponding visa at the Diplomatic or Consular Offices before their arrival. Evidence of previous studies must be supplied. Nationalities that do not need a visa for stays of less than 90 days, do not need a student's visa if their stay does not exceed this time.

Need for student visa

Once they are in Spain, foreign students must apply for an authorization
to stay during the specified time, at the Foreign Office or Police Station.

Where to apply
At the local Foreign Office or Police Station.
What are the requirements to obtain a Student Visa?
The following requirements must be met:

- All documents for entry and stay in Spain are in order, including
the visa to undertake or extend studies.
- The student has been regularly accepted in any private/public educational or scientific centre to undertake/extend studies or undertake non-lucrative jobs in research or educational centres.
- The study plan implies attending for no less than 3 months, including the approved studies, research or educational itinerary.
- Should the student be under-aged and is not accompanied by his parents, they
will need to provide written authorization for the student's trip, as well as for
his studies. This authorization must include the details of the school and the duration of the stay.
- Students must prove and guarantee that they have the financial means to live, support their studies, their stay and return to their country, as well as, if necessary, that of their relatives.

How long does the student visa last?

It is granted for the whole duration of the course

Is the student visa renewable?

Yes, the Student Visa is renewable.

When does the student visa validity extinguish?

- When the activity for which it was granted comes to an end.
- When the period for which it was granted is over.

Can foreign students work in Spain?

Basically, foreign students cannot carry out any profitable activity, but it will be allowed if it does not limit the studying aims.

Can foreign students'ralativies come to Spain?

Students who have obtained a visa for studying can apply for the corresponding stay visas for their relatives to enter and stay in Spain, during the period of their studies or research. They do not need a staying period prior to the foreign student.