Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish in Spain

Learn spanish in Spain

Study Spanish where it is spoken; study a language in a "mothertongue" city is the best way to approach a new language. Having relationship with local persons while studying in the right level means a sure success for your and our mission

◦ Study Spanish in Salamanca

◦ Study Spanish in Madrid

◦ Study Spanish in Sevilla

◦ Study Spanish in Barcelona

◦ Study Spanish in Granada

◦ Study Spanish in Valencia

Why Spanish in Spain?

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◦ Work?

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◦ Pleasure?

◦ Culture?

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Spanish has career connections across the USA

El Tiempo en Barcelona - Predicción a 7 días y condiciones actuales.
  • So you would like to become an engineer, an attorney, a doctor or a nurse, perhaps a judge or a policeman.
  • Career connections are limitless when you speak Spanish.
  • What about a future as an entrepreneur, or a Web-Master in search of the perfect engine?
  • You will find career connections in the many Spanish speaking communities.
  • From New York, Washington, D.C. and Miami, to Dallas, Denver and San Diego, the common denominator for all your future ventures is a command of Spanish.

What will Studying Spanish afford you?

  • Whether you are a heritage speaker or a beginning student, knowing Spanish improves your opportunity of being accepted by top universities and attaining your chosen career goal.
  • Studying Spanish increases your vocabulary and understanding of English as well as your performance in other academic areas, including science and mathematics.
  • It is a booster in your SAT, ACT, GRE, LSAT, and MCAT scores!
  • And if you are planning a Junior Year Abroad, there is nothing better to prepare you to get there.
  • Also, Spanish will give you a great advantage in the school to job transition.