University of Barcelona

The University of Barcelona (UB) is the oldest and largest of the six universities in Barcelona, and of the ten in Catalonia.

Deciding of study at The University of Barcelona you have the opportunity to visit the city of Barcelona, the center and the arounds too.

The university is particularly interested in fostering international relations, and for many years has been the leader among European universities in numbers of student exchanges organized as part of the Erasmus program. To contact the International Relations Office: Pavelló Rosa (Recinte de la Maternitat)

Travessera de les Corts, 131-159
08028 Barcelona
Tel.:+34 93 402 17 09, +34 93 403 53 80, +34 93 403 55 62
Fax: +34 93 403 53 87
Here you can find a guide for foreign student or download it as pdf
You'll need to compile a learning agreement

Temporary visiting students can register at the UB for a maximum of two semesters in any one academic year following acceptance on a national exchange programme (SICUE, DRAC, Cajal), an international exchange programme (Socrates-Erasmus, Bilateral Agreements or others) or by making an individual application. To apply

For Socrates-Erasmus and Bilateral Agreements remember to take
– Two copies of your application for admission and learning agreement signed by your tutor at your home university. (You should keep the other copy).
– A certificate signed by your home University attesting to your participation on the programme or agreement.
– 1 passport-size photograph.
To use the services of the SIAE and to obtain your temporary student card, you should present:
– A document stating that you have been accepted to study temporarily at the UB (a letter or acceptance form signed by the Head of International Exchanges in your future centre of studies).
– Medical Insurance  covering your stay at the UB: European health insurance card (intended to replace forms E-111 o E-128) or private medical insurance stating that you are covered while studying in Spain.
– 1 passport-size photograph.

And to send them to your chosen faculty or school no later than:
– June 15th (for students planning to study in either semester of the 2004-05 academic year)
– November  15th (for students planning to study in the 2nd semester of the 2004-05 academic year who have not already sent in their applications)
Students on OTHER PROGRAMMES (DAAD, PIMA, Coimbra Group, EMSPS and others), instead, have to ask to the Heads of International Exchanges.

Before your arrive, you need to find an accomodation. The University of Barcelona has a Housing Service for students: web page

All foreign students should take out medical insurance for the duration of their stay in our University.
– Students from members of the European Economic Area (European Union countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) and who are entitled to Social Security in their own country, should present the European health insurance card (intended to replace the paper forms E-111 o E-128). This form is issued by your country's public health authorities and entitles you to medical care in Spain.
– Students from countries outside the European Economic Area should find out if there is a medical agreement between the social security in their country and that in Spain (this is the case for some Latin American countries).If there is an agreement, you should request the relevant document from the health authorities in your country. This document will entitle you to medical care in Spain.
– All other students must take out private medical insurance for the duration of their stay at the University of Barcelona. You should obtain a document from your insurance company, in Spanish, Catalan, English or French if possible, stating that you are covered while studying in Spain.
When registering at the UB on your arrival, you will be requested to show a copy of your medical insurance.

When you arrive you have to register to your faculty. There you have to look for the International Interchange Office or something similar. Visit the web page of the University with useful address

Most of the faculties and schools at the University of Barcelona organize welcome sessions for students on international exchange programmes at the beginning of each semester. Usually you receive details in your letter of acceptance.

To get in touch with UB fill this form ad you will receive any information Student's Information

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