Pompeu Fabra

It's the most recent University of Barcelona. Universitat Pompeu Fabra, is “inspired”, we read in the site “by the principles of freedom, democracy, justice, equality, independence and plurality. From its beginnings, this young academic institution has set itself two main objectives: to train professionals and citizens who are responsible and committed to civic values, and to contribute towards the development of research”.
Take name from the father of the modern catalan language Pompeu Fabra

Here you can find
Faculty of Translation and Interpretation
Studies of Audiovisual Communication
Studies of Journalism
The department of Journalism and Audiovisual Communication
The department of Translation and Philology
The institute of applicated linguistic
Scientific Communication Observatory

Then there are others 3 places:

Campus of Ciutadella

Building Jaume I and Roger de Llúria
Ramon Trias Fargas, 25-27. 08005 Barcelona

Telephone: (34) 93 542 17 00. Fax: (34) 93 542 17 02
Bus: 10, 14, 36, 40, 41, 42, 57, 59, 71, 92, 141
Underground : estaciones Marina (L1) i Ciutadella-Vila Olímpica (L4)
How to get there
General map

Department of Political and Social Sciences
Department of Law
Department of Economics and Business
Department of Humanities

University institutes and research centres
University Institute of Culture (IUC)
Research Centre for International Economics (CREI)
Research Centre for Financial Economics (CREF)
Economy and Health Research Centre (CRES)

Special Academic Activites Programme
Language Training Programme
Programe for Educational Quality

Administrative units and services
General Library
Student Information Desk
Reception and Movility Office (OMA)
Academic Management Service

Dipòsit de les Aigües

Wellington, 48. 08005 Barcelona

Universitary History Institute “Jaume Vicens i Vives”
Library of Universitary History Institute “Jaume Vicens i Vives”
About Dipòsit de les Aigües

Edificio França

Passeig de Circumvalació, 8. 08003 Barcelona
Telephone: (34) 93 542 25 00. Fax: (34) 93 542 24 51
Bus: 14, 36, 39, 51, 57, 59, 64
Underground : estación Barceloneta (L4)


Escuela Superior Politécnica
Estudios de Ingeniería de Telecomunicaciones
Estudios de Informática

Escuela Universitaria de Enfermeria del Mar

Departamento de Tecnología

Institutos universitarios y centros de investigación
Instituto de Estudios Territoriales (IET)
Observatorio de la Comunicación Científica (OCC)

Unidades administrativas y servicios
Administración de Rambla-França
Punto de Información al Estudiante (PIE)
Unidad de Prevención de Riesgos Laborales

Área del mar

Doctor Aiguader, 80. 08003 Barcelona
Telephone: (34) 93 221 10 09 Fax: (34) 93 221 32 37
Bus: 10, 14, 36, 41, 45, 57, 59, 64, 71, 92, NB
Underground : stations Barceloneta and Ciutadella-Vila Olímpica (L4)

Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud y de la Vida
Departamento de Ciencias Experimentales y de la Salud
Instituto Municipal de Investigación Médica (IMIM) (adscrito)
Administración del Área Mar
Punto de Información al Estudiante (PIE)

Área de la mercè

Mercé Building http://www.upf.es/global/grec/eng/ppmerce.htm
Plaça de la Mercè, 10-12. 08002 Barcelona
Other entrance: Passeig Colom, 17. 08002 Barcelona
Telephone: (34) 93 542 20 00. Fax: (34) 93 542 20 02
Bus: 14, 17, 19, 36, 40, 45, 57, 59, 64
Underground : stations Liceu o Drassanes (L3)

Vicerrectorado de Comunidad Universitaria
Vicerrectorado de Economía y Promoción
Vicerrectorado de Docencia y Ordenación Académica
Vicerrectorado de Infraestructuras y Fundaciones
Vicerrectorado de Planificación y Evaluación
Vicerrectorado de Política Científica
Vicerrectorado de Postgrado, Doctorado y Relaciones Internacionales
Vicerrectorado de Profesorado
Vicerrectorado de Promoción Lingüística
Vicerrectorado de Relaciones Institucionales
Secretaría General
Registro General de la Universidad
Consejo Social
Oficina del Defensor de la Comunidad Universitaria

Servicio de Asesoría Jurídica
Gabinete del Rectorado
Gabinete Lingüístico
Unidad de Estudios, Planificación y Evaluación
Unidad de Información Institucional
Unidad de Comunicación y Relaciones Externas
Unidad de Relaciones Internacionales
Área de Economía y Patrimonio
Servicio de Gestión Patrimonial y Contratación
Servicio de Presupuestos y Finanzas
Área Académica y del Espacio Europeo de Enseñanza Superior (EEES)
Área de Innovación y Coordinación de Proyectos
Área de Recursos Humanos y Organización
Servicio de Personal
Área de Investigación
Servicio de Investigación
Área de Recursos de Información
Servicio de Informática

Building Balmes

Balmes, 132-134. 08008 Barcelona
Telephone: (34) 93 542 18 00. Fax: (34) 93 542 18 08
Bus: 6, 7, 15, 16, 17, 22, 24, 27, 28, 31, 32, 33, 34, 54, 58, 64, 66, 67, 68
Ferrocarriles de la Generalitat de Catalunya: estación Provença (U6, U7, S1, S2, S5, S55)
Underground : estación Diagonal (L3 y L5)

Institute of de Continuous Education (IDEC)
with many offers of Postgraduation and Master, see
IDEC main page and this list of courses

Directory of Teaching Centres assigned up at Upf

Superior school of Trade International
Passeig Pujades, 1. 08003 Barcelona
Telephone: (34) 93 295 47 10. Fax: (34) 93 295 47 20

Superior School of Design Elisava
Ample, 11. 08002 Barcelona

Universitary School of Enterprise Studies of Maresme

Telephone: (34) 93 317 47 15. Fax: (34) 93 317 83 53
Passeig del Callao, s/n. 08301 Mataró
Telephones: (34) 93 790 74 44 / 93 790 75 94. Fax: (34) 93 790 62 27

Student Point
accomodation UPF
Student's Guide

The coordination and management of the international programs of interchange it's under the responsibility of the Area of International Relations, that acts in addition like welcome office of the interchange students that visit our university. Its direction is the following one:

Área de Relaciones Internacionales
Plaça de la Mercè, 12
08002 Barcelona
Telephone: (34) 93 542 21 29
Fax: (34) 93 542 20 81
E-mail: ari@grup.upf.es
Here foreing Student can find any kind of informations
To enrol And if you want to know this University “step by step”
Here the Programs
For Visiting students
A selection of the regular range of courses* at UPF taught in Spanish or English.

Culture, Leisure and sports Classroom of Culture
The Classroom of Culture organizes throughout all the academic course, a series of cultural activities of all type. It's opened to all the students.
Sports the UPF offers an ample supply in the sport field: program of leisure sports, championships of the University, sportive team, short courses with monitor and use of sport facilities.

Discounts the card of the UPF allows to obtain discounts in some commerce of Barcelona.

Psychological advising
This service try to favor the adaptation of the student to the university world, facilitating its stability and improving its academic yield, with the objective to optimize its global formation.

Computer rooms
You can find a computer room in every faculty.

Audiovisual equipment

Discovers the Faculties of UPF:

Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences
Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
Faculty of Humanities
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Translation and Intepretation
Polytechnic School
Computing Studies
Polytechnic School. Telecommunication Engineering Studies
Studies of Audiovisual Communication
Studies of Journalism
Studies of Labour Sciences
Studies of Political Science and Public Management
University School of Business Studies
University School of Labour Relations
Elisava School of Design(attached)
School of International Trade (ESCI) (attached)
School of Occupational Hazards (UB - UPC – UPF)